Saturday, October 8, 2016

Being Divine [DRAFT]

  • Our every thought influences how we feel. Thoughts come into words and actions, it becomes our experience and this records an impression or sanskar on the soul. The sanskars become our vibrations.
  • What we speak is first created as thoughts. The thoughts could have been created earlier and stored. When we use the phrase 'slip of the tongue' or 'we didn't mean it', it only means we felt it but had decided not to speak it.
  • When in response to a situation or behavior, we create hurt and hold on to that hurt, then the thoughts of hurt and blame will get stored in the memory. These thoughts will replay many times and cause pain and may also come into words. Let us counsel our mind, understand the person and then store the scene with acceptance.
  • Hurt, resentment, rejection or any painful emotion created and held on the mind, will become a part of our personality. The pain becomes a part of our energy field and starts coming into other healthy relationships.




  • Like when we perform in a drama, our focus is on our performance and our script, not dependent on the performance of our co-actors. Even if the other actor does not perform right or forgets their lines, we will keep performing well and even help them to come back on track.
  • We should keep attention on our performance in every scene of life. The criteria that we have crossed the scene well are that we are at ease, the mind is feeling nice, body is relaxed and co-actors in the scene are feeling nice.
  • People respect us and feel nice with us, not because of what we have acquired in our life, but because of what we radiate to them. If we are humble and radiate love, kindness and compassion, it will make us and people around us feel nice.
  • Like we take care when we get a photograph clicked, we need to take care of every thought, word and action getting recorded on the soul. There is no retake in this recording and it is an eternal recording, which will always remain on the soul and go with us in the next birth.



  • The way we respond to a scene creates a permanent recording on the soul. Once a recording is created, the chances of responding the same way in another scene increases and gradually that becomes our sanskar.
  • The soul is the actor performing every scene on the stage of this world drama. The personality of the actor will reflect in every role and every scene. Let us create the consciousness - 'I am a divine being', and reflect divinity in our every scene today.
  • When we are role consciousness we perform on the basis of our position, relation and age and expect the same from others. When we are conscious of the quality of the actor then irrespective of the role, we will radiate our quality in every scene.
  • Ego is when we make something that we have acquired - our identity; it could be our qualification, our position, our skill, our relation or religion and caste. When we make any of these our identity we enact our scenes based on this identity and expect others to be with us on the same basis.



  • Our every THOUGHT is followed by a FEELING. Feelings over a period of time develop our ATTITUDE. Attitude comes out into ACTION. Any action done repeatedly becomes a HABIT. All our habits put together is our PERSONALITY. Our PERSONALITY creates our DESTINY.
  • If we try to bring a change in our habits, personality or destiny on an outer level, then there are chances that we revert to our old self. Change needs to be created in the consciousness, thoughts, and attitude and then brought into habit.
  • The quality of thoughts is based on three input factors - information, past experiences and belief system. Everything we read and hear through media and people influences the quality of our thoughts. Let us avoid reading and watching negative news early morning.
  • Past experiences if stored unresolved in the memory will push us into creating the same quality thoughts always. We will think and behave with people based on unpleasant past experiences with them, which will create a negative present and future.



  • When the mind is hurt and is questioning others' behaviors, we cannot forcefully suppress the thoughts or silence the mind. The mind needs answers. Give the mind the answer that it is the other person's sanskar and our past karmic account, the mind will slowly accept and become silent.
  • Belief system, information, and past experience are the raw materials which create our thoughts and the final product is our personality. Since two people have different raw material, their sanskars or personality will be different. This understanding helps us to accept people.
  •  We feel people are behaving with US in a particular way, we feel it is something about us which makes them behave that way. People are only radiating THEIR final product to us. When we change our belief systems our behavior changes even though others remain the same.
  • We acquire position, relations, property, and skills in this life time and we sometimes make them our identity and get attached to the identity we create. Ego is attachment to a wrong image of myself.


  • Ego is attachment to a wrong image of myself. Ego does not mean only feeling superior to others, ego is also when we feel inferior. Any image which is not our true identity or the true identity of others is ego.
  • Our roles and positions in society are different. For eg. a chairman and a driver. We called the roles higher and lower, we then got attached to our roles and made them our identity. Higher and lower roles then became superior and inferior people, this created ego.
  • External courtesies and protocol need to be according to roles and positions, which is regard for the role. Respect should not change according to the role. Respect is for the soul which should be same for everyone.
  • When we say 'I', we visualize what we see in the mirror. The body is the first thing we acquire and make it our identity. But for every part of the body we call it 'my'. Our body, relationships, position, religion, nationality everything for which we said 'I', truth is it is 'MY'.


  • This body is 'mine' but we are living with the consciousness that this body is 'I'. We like beauty and perfection which is our true nature, so we started looking for beauty and perfection in the body. This sometimes caused 'I' the soul to feel inferior, imperfect, rejected, and 'I' the soul shifted from true beauty and perfection.
  •  When the body gets diseased, we believe that 'I have this disease'. 'I' the soul do not have the illness and neither does 'I' the soul ever die, the body dies. 'I' the soul am eternal and imperishable. Believing that we are this body made us live in the fear of death.
  • The body is our instrument which we use. We see through the eyes, speak through the mouth, eyes and mouth are the instrument through which 'I' the soul choose what to do.
  • We get attached to everything we acquire. Where there is attachment there will be fear of losing. Even though we know that eventually we will lose all that we have including our body, we spend our life holding on to it with stress, hoping we never lose our body, family, position or property.


  • We need to acquire all our goals and take care of the acquired like a trustee, but not make the acquired our identity. When we forget that 'I' am the soul, we start looking for perfection, happiness, power, love which are the qualities of the soul in all that we have acquired.
  • When we believe that we are this body and we want happiness, we try to give happiness to the body. For happiness we go for holidays; buy gadgets, cars and clothes. We try to seek happiness in what we see, listen, smell, eat and touch.
  • When we believe that we are the role, we think happiness is in what we achieve; power is when people are in our control. To achieve this external perfection and power, we create stress, aggression, jealousy, insecurity, corruption and the soul moves away from happiness and power.
  • I the soul am bliss, love, peace, power and purity. While taking care of our body, relations, roles and property, we need to use these qualities in our every thought, word and action for the soul to experience peace, love and happiness.


  • When we connect to people as a role to role or position to position connection, we radiate vibrations of ego. This creates thoughts of superiority or inferiority, and radiates impure vibrations to the body and to the relationship, and a permanent negative recording is created on the soul.
  • When we connect to people on the level of soul consciousness we radiate pure vibrations, which keep the mind peaceful, body healthy, create diving relationships and earn blessings. Every recording on the soul in this state will be a clean recording and this recording is eternal.
  • Our consciousness or belief system is the source of our thoughts. We create 75 to 80,000 thoughts in a day. It is difficult to check and change the quality of every thought. If our consciousness is 'I am a soul', then automatically only pure thoughts will get created.
  • When we are in the presence of a soul conscious person like a saint or a child, their vibrations bring us in our soul conscious stage and we feel pure and peaceful. If we are in a soul conscious stage we will enable others to emerge the divinity within themselves.

Source: Brahma Kumaris